What is Up Hub?

Up Hub is an online collection of peer-led tools and resources to uplift York Region residents who are seeking services or need support.

Up Hub is designed to:

  • Support you by connecting you to 400+ local services using a personalized online self-assessment tool
  • Connect you by offering an online platform for you to share your story using the Up Hub Story Pod or by uploading a video from your cell phone
  • Give back by providing you with opportunities to become an Up Hub community contributor

Why do we need Up Hub?

Up Hub is created by peers, for peers and provides people living in York Region with the resources and tools they need to uplift their lives. An environmental scan of comparable organizations and services across York Region and beyond revealed that an opportunity currently exists to create a collection of York Region resources and tools, selected and developed by peers, to help uplift residents who are seeking services or need support. Up Hub bridges the gap by recognizing that people are unique and the tools they need to survive and thrive are unique to them, too.       

Who can use Up Hub?

Wherever you are on the roadmap of life, you can turn to Up Hub to take control of making yourself feel better and move your life to the next level, whatever that next level looks like for you.

You can use Up Hub to:

  • Stabilize and maintain your current situation
  • Help augment existing services or while on waitlists for services
  • Work in partnership with other care providers and case managers

Where can I find Up Hub?

You can find Up Hub online by visiting the website at: uphub.ca

When did Up Hub launch?

Fall 2019.

How can I contribute to Up Hub?

If you're interested in becoming an Up Hub community contributor, visit: uphub.ca and click on Up Tools, Up Stories or Up Next.

We are currently looking for people to:

  • Help create Up Tools that will uplift their peers (like support groups led by people with lived experiences)
  • Share their Up Stories by uploading a video on their cell phone or using the Up Hub Story Pod located just inside the front entrance of the Aurora office
  • Volunteer, give back and support their community     

Up Hub is a project by York Support Services Network (YSSN) and is generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.