They say that if you truly want to get to know someone, you first have to know their story.

We’ve created a community space for peers like you to share your story and be inspired by the stories of people who know what it’s like to face similar challenges, and work their way through them.

We invite you to share your personal stories of struggle and resilience and to tell us how local supports and services in York Region have helped you move closer towards creating the life you want.  

Remember: Owning your story doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it or reenact it over and over again. It's about acknowledging your story, sharing it (if you feel comfortable doing so), and if it no longer serves you, releasing it so that you can transform your relationship with yourself and those around you.   

"Being that my roots come from Indigenous culture, I've been able to utilize Mother Earth and everything she's been able to offer us. We smudge with sage to give us peace and clarity. We take tobacco and offer it to Mother Earth to look after us and our prayers. We ask the Creator to guide and protect us along our journey. And that has given me the ability to move forward from my trauma." - Mary W. 

We all have a story to tell; we also have the power to write our own beautiful endings.